Doug dropped weight and avoided meds

After a physical at the end of 2018, which revealed increasing high blood pressure issues as well as high cholesterol (in addition to being overweight) I had a choice to face: either make significant dietary… Read More “Doug dropped weight and avoided meds”


Kelly lost 50 pounds – and her migraines!

One of the best things I have done for my health and life is to contact Cleveland Nutrition. Dr. Gutman and Betsy are both amazing, supportive… Read More “Kelly lost 50 pounds – and her migraines!”


Shelly is now physically and emotionally healthy

My year and a half journey with Cleveland Nutrition was a life changer for sure! Learning the truth about nutrition and having coaches and technology to support my efforts along with face-to-face interaction with a… Read More “Shelly is now physically and emotionally healthy”


Michelle changed her mindset… and her life

I’ve been struggling with weight and health challenges for the past several years. On two occasions my primary care physician at the Cleveland Clinic said to me “I have a guy to help you”. It… Read More “Michelle changed her mindset… and her life”


From insulin pump to diabetes-free!

Let’s be honest. We have all “been there”. When I met Dr. Gutman in mid-May… Read More “From insulin pump to diabetes-free!”


Dan lost 80 pounds in 18 weeks

In Cleveland Nutrition I discovered a healthy lifestyle that has truly changed my life. I have been… Read More “Dan lost 80 pounds in 18 weeks”


Chuck beat his polymyalgia rheumatica

  I began the Cleveland Nutrition program along with my wife, Jill, for health reasons as well as… Read More “Chuck beat his polymyalgia rheumatica”


Marc lost 120 lbs, cured metabolic syndrome

When I started working with Dr. Gutman I weighed 270 pounds. I had dieted many times before, including protein diets, shakes and the like. Nothing worked. After being told that I had high cholesterol and… Read More “Marc lost 120 lbs, cured metabolic syndrome”


Josh lost 120 pounds

I started working with Dr. Gutman as a 330 pound, 23 year old future law school student. I wish I could say that I took this huge step to improve my health. That would not… Read More “Josh lost 120 pounds”


Becky’s bad cholesterol dropped 54%

My general doctor was ecstatic. I had lost 30 pounds with Cleveland Nutrition and it showed in my blood test results. Before the program my total cholesterol was over 200 and my bad cholesterol was… Read More “Becky’s bad cholesterol dropped 54%”


Thank you letter from a physician and wife

Dear Dr. Gutman, It’s been a life-changing experience for my husband to have been enrolled in your program. He is free of diabetes after 17 years of being a diabetic and he is free of… Read More “Thank you letter from a physician and wife”

Physician and Wife

Tom improved his diabetes

  Dr. Gutman, I wanted to thank you again for your life-changing Cleveland Nutrition program. I’m 58 years… Read More “Tom improved his diabetes”