My daughter and I joined Cleveland Nutrition together. Before Cleveland Nutrition, we both ate whole food, plant-based but did not fully understand the importance of calorie density. We wanted to lose weight and knew we needed to tweak some things. Dr. Gutman is so knowledgeable and provides excellent support through coaching and learning videos. We had many “Aha!” moments. It will totally change the way you think about food! Sophie, the dietitian, is soooo motivating! She took our weekly meals and broke them down to see where we could modify things to be more helpful for our weight loss goals. She always provided us with wonderful ideas for shopping, eating out and food prep. The website is outstanding for recipes and group support. We learned that nutrition is key to good health, balanced with exercise, stress reduction and lessening toxins in our environment. Together we lost 35 pounds and counting! We feel great and are happy this is a satisfying and sustainable lifestyle. We feel equipped to continue our journey and are so grateful for Dr. Gutman and Sophie!


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