I had been searching for a plant based doctor locally for some time. I had read a number of nutritional books on plant based and vegan lifestyles so I felt somewhat knowledgeable about what I should and should not be eating. However, I was a little overweight and had some health issues. I wanted to work with someone who would listen to my concerns and develop a program specifically for my needs. Dr. Gutman did that for me. I also had not had any blood work done in a very long time so I had that done and Dr. Gutman sat with me and explained all the results and took time to answer all my questions and concerns.

It has also been great working with Sophie. She is always so positive and upbeat. We discuss areas where I am struggling regarding exercise, eating out, cooking (which I really don’t enjoy), and she gives me suggestions and positive reinforcement. I lost 10 lbs. in the first 60 days which is pretty exciting because I have been trying to lose that weight for some years. I have been sleeping better, have more energy, and I really noticed how my skin is not dry anymore. In fact a friend said to me how she noticed my skin was glowing and if it was due to my diet.

It is wonderful to be 72 years old and experience such positive changes in my life. It takes some discipline at first but it is oh so worth it. I want to do whatever it takes to live my life to the fullest and be the healthiest I can be. I cannot say enough about this program and how it has changed my life.

Thank you Dr. Gutman and Sophie for all you have done for me.


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