I was overweight and felt sluggish. Being in my mid-50s losing weight was much more difficult than it used to be. Although I was a vegetarian, I was a “junk food” vegetarian who snacked way too much and was addicted to sugar as well as processed/refined/convenience foods. I realized I had to do something.

The Cleveland Nutrition program was exactly what I needed. The program addressed my poor eating habits and taught me how to have a whole food, plant-based diet. Moreover, the program educated me on why I want to continue to eat this was as a lifestyle, not just a temporary diet.

During the jump start, Dr. Gutman and Sophie held me accountable as well as offered individualized encouragement and guidance. I consistently week after week lost weight during the jumpstart (approximately 25 pounds) and never felt hungry or deprived. I reached a “healthy” BMI weight during the jump start (and have continued to lose weight). Not only do I look better (and getting many compliments and inquiries as to how I did it), I feel better and my bloodwork is much better.

Joining the Cleveland Nutrition Program is one of the best decisions I have made for my health and well-being.


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