After a physical at the end of 2018, which revealed increasing high blood pressure issues as well as high cholesterol (in addition to being overweight) I had a choice to face: either make significant dietary changes or embrace the world of medications and symptom treatment. With a strong family risk of cardiovascular disease, it made sense to begin with diet rather than begin a long dependency on prescription medication.

But it began with being honest about how I got here. Dr. Gutman’s initial assessment revealed to me pretty quickly the areas of my dietary excesses and deficiencies. I decided that making all the adjustments to his “prescribed” diet would be a process I would try to stick with very closely, to give it the fairest shot of succeeding. Getting used to my new regimen was easier than I thought it would be (and it helped that I loved vegetables) but what really helped were his videos which clearly made the logical and medical arguments about why I was doing what I was doing. Having my mind re-educated about food and how my body worked — and forgetting most of what I had previously believed — was probably the biggest factor that kept me on the new plan. And I kept reminding myself that this was a permanent change — there could be no going back to the old ways of eating and the old attitudes about eating healthy “tomorrow, not today.”

After 3 months on Dr. Gutman’s plan (which came complete with new recommendations for supplements as well) I re-visited my primary doctor for a follow-up. The numbers told the story:

Weight: From 228 to 192

BP = 119/69

Total serum cholesterol — from 214 to 162

VLDL (very low density lipoproteins, the very “bad” cholesterol) from 26 to 14

LDL (low density lipoproteins, the bad cholesterol) from 151 to 105

HDL (high density lipoproteins, the “good” cholesterol) from 37.1 to 42.8

Ratio of HDL to LDL from 5.8 to 3.8

Triglycerides — from 128 to 71 (desirable range is 0-149; lower is better.)

My primary doctor’s comments in the official record: “Tremendous improvement. Keep up the good work.” And no pills in my future. He literally said that if everyone did this, he’d be out of business.

I feel great, clothes fit better (I had to get new pants, which felt terrific) and I am now a healthy eating advocate for everyone in my life. I look back at the old me as someone who was walking in a fog of misinformation and slowly killing myself with processed food and excesses. Now I will move forward with a permanently changed view on food, completely new eating habits, and a renewed sense of taking care of myself for the people in my life who need me around. I recommend this program to anyone and everyone for its overwhelming benefits.


Note: Results may vary from person to person. There is no guarantee of specific results.