I am so impressed with Cleveland Nutrition, Dr. Gutman, and the staff for their incredible knowledge about whole food, plant-based health benefits and the program that I am on. I am on a journey to correct health issues that are creeping up, like blood pressure and elevating cholesterol- best to nip it now before it gets out of hand. After trying many “fad diets,” I am finally able to get my weight under control and am feeling great and sleeping well. I find the website and educational videos on Cleveland Nutrition’s website very helpful. After reviewing the videos, I know for sure that whole food, plant-based eating is a way of life for me. I love the thousands of recipes found on the website. The food tastes delicious! We (my husband is also on the program) don’t go hungry! We have been able to maintain a normal lifestyle with entertaining friends and family… I simply make healthy dishes and our family and friends are enjoying the foods that I prepare and are quite inquisitive about eating this way. So not only am I improving my overall health, but planting the seed for others.


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