My experience with Cleveland Nutrition was truly a lifestyle enhancement. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had issues not knowing whether certain foods would make me sick. At 17, I developed a gluten allergy that progressively worsened in severity over time. A few years later I developed chronic pancreatitis, which would be triggered if I ate foods that were greasy/high in sodium/contain trace amounts of gluten. (My Chipotle salad bowl was gone forever.) After multiple endoscopies which all came back inconclusive, I was eager to find a solution and answers. During pregnancy, I felt like all control was lost, my hormones were unbalanced, no matter what I did (worked out 3-4 times a week, 21 day fix, counting calories, you name it) I continued to gain weight. I was embarrassed, depressed, and desperate to find out “why” and how I could get back to the place I worked so hard to be. After pregnancy, I was on an uphill battle, nursing made me retain and gain weight. Even when I was too tired to eat, I gained. I pushed myself harder than I ever have to stay on track and lose weight (exercise + counting calories/micronutrients/macronutrients) but I was struggling and I needed a reboot.

I used to measure my health by the numbers on the scale. Food and I had a love/hate relationship where I’d ponder “you look healthy, you sound healthy…you better not make me fat.”

Now, I can confidently say I love food and the scale — it’s pretty dusty these days. After working with Cleveland Nutrition, I feel prepared everywhere I go. I am equipped with the knowledge, power, and freedom to choose the best options. Cleveland Nutrition helped me identify what methods would be best with my lifestyle. They ensured that I felt my goals were feasible, and most of all let me hold myself accountable. Dr. Gutman and his staff were incredibly patient and understanding. They are beyond aware of the challenges, struggles and emotions this transition can trigger, especially since food can be addicting. The team commonly reminded me, “it’s not a race, if it was easy everyone would do it”– which is why they are there to help you find whole food alternatives that keep you going. They encouraged me to take my time learning about foods, exercise, serving sizes, and moderation (which is all provided and will blow you away). To this day, I still feel like I hold the key to the city because I know how to accurately read a food label! Additionally, I opted to do a few of the tests/screenings available and I was so thankful that Dr. Gutman took the time to go through pages of results explaining what it meant and answering all of my questions. This was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I may have years to live, but I can guarantee that if I keep doing it this way, I’ll have many more years with my children and their children to be, and that’s a gift in itself!


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