When I came in to investigate the Cleveland Nutrition Jumpstart program, I was 246 lbs., had constant heartburn no matter what I ate, had serious brain fog and distraction, and my blood pressure was high. I felt like I was constantly trying to outrun issues that were related to my diet and obesity. I also felt like food was an enigma and I didn’t understand how it was influencing my body and its operation.

At the initial meeting with Dr. Gutman and Sophie, they helped me feel more at ease with where I was and they helped me understand that there was a solution that was attainable. They also assured me that it was not difficult. Dr. Gutman took all of my information and I got my plan a week later.

I didn’t think I could go without animal products. It was easier than I thought. After transitioning over to a plant-based diet, I have not had heartburn, except when I ate outside of the plan. My blood pressure has normalized, and is still slightly high but is substantially lower. I’m not usually hungry. When I am, I go back to the plan I was given to see what I’m missing. It is easy.

I feel good. Physically and Mentally.

Sophie is upbeat and can take whatever you hand her. She is solution focused. She is analytical and can help determine a solution where there is an issue. She receives frustration well and responds with an upbeat solution.

Dr. Gutman is logical and has a laid back approach. He understands this is a process.

Neither expected results overnight. Both expected me to show up. Both worked with me, but held me accountable for my results and helped me wherever I didn’t quite make the mark.

It’s a good program. It’s worth the education. It’s worth feeling better.


Note: Results may vary from person to person. There is no guarantee of specific results.