My general doctor was ecstatic. I had lost 30 pounds with Cleveland Nutrition and it showed in my blood test results. Before the program my total cholesterol was over 200 and my bad cholesterol was 125. After the program when my general doctor did routine blood tests, my total cholesterol was 148 and my bad cholesterol was 58. My other numbers had similar reduction results.

Regardless of what my prior health numbers showed, I started the program as I knew I had to do something about my weight. Every year I would gain 10 or 15 pounds. Instead of buying 2X clothes I started buying 3X since the 2X clothes were starting to get uncomfortable. Sometimes, I could hardly sit in a chair as my belly was squishing my diaphragm. When I started getting closer to the 300 pound weight, I knew I had to do something to start reversing this trend.

My family and I are terrible cooks and, therefore, we were eating out almost every day and sometimes twice a day. I knew we had to start cooking more at home. I spent a whole day looking at the provided recipes deciding which ones were simple enough for me to cook. Even following some of the simple recipes in the program was initially a challenge for me though. (Remember to rinse and drain canned beans before you add it to a recipe. If you don’t, the results are pretty unappetizing.) I was never hungry on the program as you are eating the right way.

Although sometimes watching the educational videos was a hardship to fit into my busy life, they are so informative on how your body processes the food and how unhealthy food can harm your body. For me, it tied together on why everyone needs to eat this way.

Although I exercised sporadically, I started doing weights three times a week and water walking twice a week. Although I got up at 5:30 am every morning to go do the exercise before work, I knew I never would go if I waited until after work. This kept my muscles toned and almost all of the 30 pounds I lost was pure fat, not muscle or water. Although it was only about a 11% weight reduction and I am still considered obese, I feel great. It’s a great feeling and boosts your confidence when your family, friends and co-workers already have noticed a difference. I look forward to continue eating the right way and losing the remaining weight.


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