This 6-week online video course, created by Dr. Gutman, introduces basic concepts of healthy eating. We explore the mechanisms by which our food choices cause many chronic diseases, and we dispel common myths about obesity, hunger, and the influence of our genes.

The following topics are covered in the Healthy U video course:


Week 1

Motivational Mayhem

In this introductory video, you’ll learn why we are biologically driven to make choices that may, in fact, be harmful to us.

Feeling Hungry?

How do our brains figure out whether to make us feel hungry or satiated? You’ll learn the simple formula that our brains use, and you don’t need to be a math whiz.

Breaking The Law

Why aren’t you getting full? Your brain is working correctly, you’re just gumming up the system. Learn what you’re doing wrong.

Feeding The Addiction

No one ever said change would be easy, but why is your addictive brain trying to keep you off track? We’ll show you how to escape the trap.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Think you have an abnormally slow metabolic rate? Unlikely. You’ll learn why your weight-loss efforts have failed in the past and we’ll teach you how to avoid the dreaded plateau.


Week 2

Overfed, Undernourished – Part 1

What’s in food? We all obsess over calories, but there are substances in food that are much more important than calories. You should be obsessing overĀ them.

Overfed, Undernourished – Part 2

So just how nutritionally deficient is the standard American diet? It’s worse than you think. Much worse.

How Carbs Work

What exactly are carbs? Are all carbs the same? What does your body do with them after you eat them? All this and more, right here.

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

Carbs get a pretty bad rap. Strange then, that your body is designed to preferentially run on carbs. We’ll clear the confusion and make perfect sense out of this carbohydrate conundrum.

How Fats Work

From you lips to your hips. How does fat do that? Now you’ll finally know more than you ever wanted to know about what actually happens to fat after the thrill of eating is gone.


Week 3

Good Fats, Bad Fats

Not all fats are bad, just the ones that you insist on eating. If only you could reverse this predicament, oh the health that you would see.

Fats Part 3? You’ve Gotta Be Nuts!

Here you’ll learn the simple rule to tell a healthy fat from an unhealthy fat. Will olive oil make the cut?

Who Put The ‘Pro’ In Protein?

We’ve been taught to love protein. Protein shakes, protein bars, we just can’t get enough. No wonder why we’re so sick.

Putting It All Together

So is there a magic formula? Any specific ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins that works best? The answer may surprise you.

Still Hungry?

Headaches, lightheadedness, and irritability aren’t caused by hunger or low blood sugar. You probably don’t even know what true hunger feels like. Here you’ll learn what’s causing those other sensations, and how to stop them.


Week 4

Fitting Into Your Genes

You’ve been told you’ve got bad genes. Is this survival of the sickest? No way. Your genes are fine, your diet is making you sick.

Aren’t We Living Longer?

Don’t count on it. Our society is sicker than ever, and the trend is getting worse. Those longevity statistics are incredibly misleading. You’ll soon see why.

Understanding Cardiovascular Disease

Heart disease is America’s number one killer, but it doesn’t have to be. Here you’ll learn what’s happening under the hood.

Chop Your Chest or Chop Your Veggies

Getting a heart attack is optional, but only if you know how to choose. If you think the latest medical procedures will protect you, think again.

Didja Mention Dementia?

Old age does not equal dementia – unless you allow it to. Can you remember that?


Week 5

The Diabesity Epidemic

Diabetes and obesity. Like fries and a coke, this duo looks like it’ll be around for awhile. After all, the nature of a vicious cycle is to spin out of control.

Curing Diabesity

Normalizing weight and reversing diabetes is not only possible, it’s usually not even that difficult. What’s the secret? Hint: Atkins got it all wrong.

Understanding Cancer

We’re all terrified of cancer, but how does cancer happen? Here we’ll simplify the process of cancer development and break it down into easy to understand stages.

Turning Cancer On

Adult cancers don’t just happen overnight. You need to spend decades encouraging tumors to grow. Unfortunately, we are very good at it.

Gastrointestinal Cancers

If certain foods contain carcinogens, and those foods are then eaten and remain in close contact with the cells of the digestive tract, what do you think happens?


Week 6

Breast and Prostate Cancers

These hormone sensitive cancers grow when there are lots of excess hormones circulating in your bloodstream. Learn what’s causing these high hormone levels – and how to normalize them.

Turning Cancer Off

Cancer-proof yourself. Reduce consumption of cancer-causing foods, and increase consumption of cancer-fighting foods. It’s really not that hard!

Bones and Stones

Bones should last for thousands of years – just ask any archaeologist. So why are yours dissolving after just a few decades?

Acid Not What Your Bones Can Do For You

You’ve probably never been told that cheese is terrible for bones. We’ll explain exactly why that is. All we ask in return is that you please stop worrying about getting enough calcium!

A Hormone Called Vitamin D

The sunshine vitamin is not just for bones. It protects against cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, and many other health conditions. Don’t be left in the dark.