Medications don’t cure

Your bathroom sink is clogged and the faucet is running.

You soon notice that water begins to overflow and spill onto the floor, so you call the plumber. After discussing the problem with you for 20 minutes, he recommends you place paper towels on the floor every day to mop up the mess.

Two weeks later, you follow up with the plumber and explain that the paper towels are helping, but the floor is still wet. He recommends you increase the dose of paper towels. In fact, he gives you samples of a new brand of paper towel that is supposed to work even better than the ones you were using.

Six months later, while eating dinner, you notice an area of the ceiling is wet and beginning to sag. You quickly call your plumber again, and this time he refers you to a surgeon—I mean a contractor—to further evaluate the problem.

I think you see where this is going.

In this example, the failure of the plumber to fix the primary problem—a clogged and running sink—is obvious. But if you think about it, we routinely accept exactly that same kind of off-target treatment when it comes to medical care.

The evidence is now overwhelming that the primary cause of most chronic diseases is our “Western” diet.

It’s not our genes, not bad luck, and not aging.

It is our diet.

If we choose to ignore this fact, and instead make excuses while we mask our symptoms with medications, our health will inevitably continue to suffer. Instead, I urge you to take charge of your health and correct the problem at its source—at the other end of your fork. Let’s unclog your sink and turn off the water. It’s time to do it right.

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