When the “Help” isn’t so helpful

By: David Stern | Posted: June 19, 2018

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My wife is out of town for some business training, and I’m super excited and happy about that. That does mean that I’m under the gun a little bit because I need to cover all the food prep. It’s no longer a team effort for a few days. Honestly, I really think I’d be fine covering the gaps that not having her here leaves, I think I can totally cook for myself. I even think I can do it with less planning because I am enjoying getting used to less conventional style foods. My real issue is not finding the foods I can and want to eat. My real issue is when my family wants to help and invite me to meals.

I love my family. And they try so hard, and they mean so well, which is why it’s hard to tell them I’d rather eat at home. At home, I can make a delicious meal for myself that isn’t a substitution, it’s not a bunch of bland dishes created to satisfy my needs, it’s a whole foods, plant based meal that’s delicious in its own right. It’s colorful and fresh, and filling, and I feel great after eating it. When I eat at someone else’s house and they cook extra dishes to make sure I have something to eat, they will invariably forget it in the oven, or put oil or salt or something I’m allergic to in the dish. I’m not mad at them at all. It’s incredibly kind of them to think of me and try to help me out. In a lot of ways though, I feel like I’d be better off cooking for myself so I can eat something I can actually get excited about. What’s the point in eating something just because it fits your constraints. That doesn’t sound like fun.

My solution, because this is a recurring problem this week, is to blame my 1 year old son, who needs a pretty strict sleep schedule and bedtime routine. I rely on his need to get to bed at a proper time, and inform my helpful family that I’d better just cook supper at home so he can get to bed on time.

In other news:

-I weighed myself this morning. I’m down 6 pounds! Yay!

-Today marks one week in, and I have great energy, motivation to work, rock solid mood and a positive outlook. My eczema, which is my primary health concern at the moment, is not totally clear, but is steadily improving. I do still feel itching at times, but that’s in fits and spurts. Moreover, my skin is healthier and more resilient, so the scratching isn’t as damaging. Clear skin, here I come!

-I’m genuinely loooving my meals. I thought I’d miss the meat. I was dead wrong. Sometimes I’ll look at a burger and think mmmm, but usually I’m looking at brightly colored vegetables and my mouth starts watering. My secret weapon lately has been fresh herbs. They add so much depth and excitement to my dishes I can’t not use them. Even just your basic basil on a salad adds so much dimension.

-I’m eagerly glancing over at my weights in the basement wondering when I can start lifting again, but no, I know in my heart I need to wait for my inflammation to clear up a little more before I can start actually working out again (my eczema is the reason I stopped. Every attempt to begin again has resulted in a flare up). Perhaps some bicycling though.

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