Turning Gears

By: David Stern | Posted: June 26, 2018

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Things seem to be really moving now. I still have those moments of doubt, a thought here, a feeling there, where I can convince myself that I’m not making any forward progress. I can convince myself in those moments that I don’t have what it takes to do this, or worse, that I don’t really deserve it. But the rest of the time, the time in between, I don’t think about it at all. What’s for supper? Maybe it’s polenta, maybe it’s stir fry, maybe we’re having tacos (again! I’ve fallen in love with Mexican food). Whatever it is, it will be bright, beautiful, entirely nutritious, healing, and most importantly, delicious. I really don’t find myself putting all that much thought into the fact that I’m not eating meat or butter or cheese. 

My thoughts at meal time have evolved from seeing what’s not on my plate to seeing what is.

Moreover, I’ve become comfortable enough with the diet and the lifestyle, that I have been able to put more focus into my other pursuits, such as my career. I’m putting in more time at the office than I was before, and those hours are more valuable than before going WFPB (Vegan+ lol). I think I might be thinking more clearly, or that my focus is better, my determination is better. All I know is I’m beyond the point of limerence, and I can focus on really making this a part of my life.

My eyes are now set on the goal of incorporating exercise into my day again. My biggest concern here is that my eczema, which is not entirely better or clear, will flare up again if I begin training. I think at a certain point I’ll just go for it because I hate that I’m seeing all this progress on the scale but no progress in the gym. In my head they should go hand in hand.

At the very least I’ll step back into my bike’s saddle and pump out a vigorous sprint or two. But what I really want to do is master some calisthenics. As I lose fat, my relative strength should theoretically go up just by virtue of having a larger muscle to bodyweight ratio, and I might even be able to start pushing out some real pullups!

Here’s hoping, but again, I worry that I’ll push it all too far and this card castle of mine will take a tumble. Fingers crossed.

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