The Sunshine Faded

By: David Stern | Posted: June 20, 2018

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You know how when you start a new thing, and everything is going great, and it’s all just rainbows and butterflies? Well, then you also know that eventually you come down off that high, and not everything goes perfectly all the time. You may be doing everything right, but life happens.

<Insert smooth segue here>

I’m exhausted today. I’ve been working too hard, stressing about my work, and carrying the burden of my wife, who’s away for business training. Plus it’s POURING today. My motivation is low as can be today – I just want to kick off my shoes and veg in front of the TV with some snacks. To top it all off, I woke up this morning SUPER hungry, even though I had a large snack that I probably should have resisted last night. And from Dr. Gutman’s videos I know this to be toxic hunger, and not True Hunger as he calls it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to go into the kitchen right now and cook myself a big meal. A meal with lots of grain, perhaps some maple syrup. Okay, what I want is a nice hot bowl of sweet oatmeal. And not just a small bowl, oh no. If I know myself at all, I want a full cup (dry) of rolled oats.


At least I can go make myself a cup of coffee. My trick that I learned from a YouTuber (Kinobody – Greg O’Gallagher, he’s really only good for intermittent fasting tips, IMO) is to drink my coffee very hot, in a closed top thermos. This stretches out a single cup of coffee to over an hour, besides the time you have to wait for it to cool. I find that the warm liquid in my stomach really helps to ease that grumbling beast.

I really hope that I get my energy and motivation back soon because I’m grinding here. My mood is good, but I feel like I just want some sort of distraction.

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  1. Dr. Gutman

    Stress does has a way of clouding our vision, and it’s ok to have the blahs once in awhile. If you’re able, go outside and take a jog around the block. (Even in the rain!) It can work wonders!