So. Much. Food.

By: David Stern | Posted: June 18, 2018

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The longer I eat this whole foods, plant based diet (speaking of which, I really think we need a better name, no? It’s so hard to say! Maybe an acronym? WFPB, or WiFPoB? Mmmm, nah. I mean, vegan sounds really good, but it has other connotations, aside from not being specific enough to be whole foods. What do we think about the term Vegan+?) the more I realize I’m overplanning some of my meals. I’ll sit down to a three course meal, only to realize I’ll never be able to finish all the food in front of me. Honestly, I’m not sure how I ever had that quantity of food with a conventional Western diet. Take Friday night for example. We had lentil soup, a big salad, and a sweet potato bar (which is basically a sweet potato with a whole bunch of toppings you can add as you choose. We got through the soup, and struggled through the sweet potato bar, and there was literally no room left for the huge salad. I know, I know, eat the salad first. The fact remains, that there really was no way to eat all that food. My wife didn’t even finish her soup.

So I’ve started paring down my meals a little bit. I had lunch with my parents on Saturday, and bless their hearts, they made extra vegetables for me. It amazed me at how little I needed to eat to be totally satiated.

In other news, my wife is out of town for the next few days, so it’s fun times with Papa at home. While the cat’s away, mice will play. The good news is, my wife left me this massive pot of lentil soup, a whole vegan lasagna (which is beyond amazing), and a big tupperware full of a millet and broccoli dish. I’m positive I won’t finish it all. In addition to my usual duties taking care of my son (he’s 1), and the dog (he’s 3), one of my cousins from Australia whom I haven’t seen in 13 years or so is coming to visit. Perhaps we’ll cook together. Hope he likes Vegan+!

So it’s been almost a whole week since I began. Around day 4, I noticed my withdrawal symptoms lessening noticeably. My eczema, which certainly still itches from time to time, is healing well. I’m getting comments from my family about how clear my face is! I haven’t lost a huge amount of weight yet, but that will probably change as I take on intermittent fasting (today’s day #1 for that) and stop that late night snack. Based on the advice of Doc Gutman, I’m also ceasing the use of soy for a little while, at least until my eczema is clear. BASICALLY, I’ll be eating a lot more salad, which I’m totally fine with.

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