Mood Swings

By: David Stern | Posted: June 14, 2018

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Today was a big eating day. I’ve been having some trouble in the time in between meals – I seem to be hungry a half hour after I eat. Although, that does seem to be subsiding somewhat. Perhaps I’m getting used to it. The food has been quite delicious, although I must say that I do miss meat, and butter more intensely. I miss having bread, and egg products.

Really though the whole ordeal has been difficult only inasmuch as the side effects I’ve been feeling are unpredictable and intense. For my part, I developed a migraine headache partway through the day yesterday, and it did not subside until I was asleep last night. I took nothing for the pain, as Dr. Gutman says that will prolong the process of getting through the discomfort period. Sure enough, I woke up this morning without any pain, and I remained that way throughout the day. For breakfast, I had a big bowl of cut up fruit. An apple, an orange, a banana, and half a mango (my wife pilfered the other half). 

Lunch today was equally simple fare. A very large salad, overflowing with lettuce, and sprouts, cucumbers, sauteed mushrooms, eggplant, and a homemade dressing. All of this without added salt or oil. And to the diet’s credit, my energy and mood was fairly level and upbeat all through the day, even as I was staying home with my one year old son, who’s home sick. A screaming child is not easy on the nerves, but I was calm, happy even.

The break came as I was preparing supper for my family. Out of nowhere, my mood crashed, and I turned into an irritable beast, snapping at anyone who entered the kitchen. I did not really enjoy my supper of almond and chickpeas, black bean and corn, and a big green salad with spinach, arugula, jicama, and tomatoes. But as my body digested, I was able to revisit my supper with renewed strength, as my mood picked up substantially. Once my senses were once again restored, I even partook of the berries I had washed for the end to my meal.

These mood swings are a little startling, and I do hope they go away soon. It’s disconcerting to lose control like that. Even in the heat of the moment, I could tell that I was out of control, and that I was powerless to alter my own course.

I fully intend to have another late snack tonight, and tomorrow, I will eat well yet again.

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