Life Moves On

By: Lindsey Norton | Posted: July 21, 2018

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As some of you have read already, I have had some interesting medical drama going on since January. Life has taken me on many roller coaster rides, but this year has definitely had many more challenges then usual. I would like to take a little step back with my story before I can move forward, so everyone can understand how I ended up here. 

In March, I had rectal surgery to correct hemorrhoids and fissures. I mentioned in my post before I am a Registered Nurse, I know when there is a problem the importance of seeking medical attention before a situation gets worse, however this problem was so embarrassing for me personally I did not want to discuss it with anyone. So, here is what led me to have surgery. I was at another doctor appointment having a different minor medical procedure done when the doctor did a little lookie loo and informed me I really needed to see a surgeon to have things examined, you know, down there in the back door. So, I reluctantly went and dragged my husband with me. I was informed I needed surgery to correct some “concerns”. Anyone who has had to undergo this procedure is most likely already “uncomfortable”, and for me I was really struggling, not only with having to have the procedure, but with what led to it. I had high hopes that my quality of life after this would be greatly improved and I could poo with some dignity and peace of mind. (Had to go there, lets face it no one wants to talk about their poo habits, but its part of life, we all do it, so I want to have some humor writing about it). I was running to the bathroom sometimes as much as 10 times per day, and had experienced increasing episodes of bleeding to the point I was scared it would not stop. Every time I went to the bathroom all I could hear was Johnny Cash’s “Burning Ring of Fire” playing in my head. Many times I had to cry through it just to get through it. Needless to say, I needed the surgery, I knew I needed it and I just could not take the pain and discomfort any longer. Recovery was torture, I would have preferred having paper cuts strategically placed between the webbing of each finger and toe than have to endure what I did, but the excruciating pain did pass and there were some improvements, but in other areas not so much. I went back for post surgical follow up to end up with results that only helped about 25%. 

Now for the good part, bet your saying to yourself, that was not the good part? Of course not, the next part is when I was introduced to Dr. Gutman. My dad read an article about non invasive hemorrhoid treatments at a medical office in Beachwood performed by Dr. Gutman. I was so embarrassed to still be having issues my husband called and scheduled the appointment for me, only after my Primary Care Physician said I needed a second opinion after her exam. So, in May I met with Dr. Gutman and his team and started having treatments to shrink my hemorrhoids. Of course my husband was there supporting me as he always does (I have a kind and caring husband, I am super blessed in this area of my life). At my first appointment I discussed with Dr. Gutman my long list on medical diagnoses, he gave my husband and I a brief rundown of Cleveland Nutrition and asked for us to come in for a consultation the following week, so we did and here we are! (Side note: all the hemorrhoid treatments are done and I have to say I feel so much better after it was taken care of, and now I am at almost 100%).

My husband and I have been on quite the adventure with our Cleveland Nutrition lifestyle change. Some bumps in the road as expected, but many more successes. We started in June and are a full month in. I will continue to write about our Cleveland Nutrition journey in my next post. 

The experiences we go through in our lives can be challenging at times, but life moves on and does not wait for anybody or anything, make the most out of everything you do or life will pass you by!

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