Let’s Keep Trying

By: Lindsey Norton | Posted: July 30, 2018

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I really enjoyed the group meeting last week. It is really great to hear everyone’s story and meet new people. 

My husband and started the program in mid June. I can tell you it has been a little bit of a bumpy road in the beginning. I really love the taste of salt and apparently my body does not at all. My legs were constantly swollen and if I had food with extra salt I would swell up even more, including my feet, legs, knees, fingers and hands. For a long time I actually thought I secretly had congestive heart failure. This was because for as long as I have been an adult my legs were constantly swollen. Once I started the whole food plant based life style change, and went through about a week of two of non stop urinating, my legs actually were no longer swollen. It was amazing, totally amazing. As I started to look at more and more labels, I realized many foods I had been eating had copious amounts of sodium in them, hidden sodium. Then think about how much more sodium is added to a meal if you are a food salter, which I was. I will never intentionally salt food again, ever, of course staying on this will also ensure a low sodium intake. My husband and I are so much more aware of all the sodium in our food, we even try to find the foods with the most sodium in them at the grocery store and have turned it into a game. Of course I am winning so far…lol.

So, some of the best parts about this life style change is the weight loss. I have a lot to lose, and I have no idea if I will ever reach my “secret” goal weight, I am assuming most people have a “secret” goal weight, I do. For now I am trying to go low and slow with the goals and just pat myself on the back when I get there, then immediately set the next one so I keep focused. My first goal I reached super fast, the second I am close.

Some of the other best parts has been trying to be creative cooking meals. I am a rather picky eater and there are certain foods that are just a big ‘ol NOPE for me. So I try to look at some of the recipes and alter my dislikes with likes or completely omit the ingredient. I have had some successes and some failures, but the FAIL is just a Failed Attempt In Learning, so I try again. I can get a little heavy on the seasonings, especially the spicy ones, which the husband loves, but me not so much, so I am working in that. I have found some seasonings that work pretty good together for my taste buds, for example: smoked paprika, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder mix nicely together and go great on potatoes and veggies. I also got into mixing about 1 T fresh orange juice, 1-2 tsp coconut aminos and 1 tsp sesame seeds together and mixing it with asparagus and baking it, super tasty and I bet it would taste great with green beans too, or even on a stir fry. 

My biggest problem as of late has been cravings for foods I used to love and miss. The cravings get worse the worse my mood is, mostly when I am depressed. I had a rough day the other day and I admit I spent the day in bed crying, my husband came home and nothing was helping. He is so used to trying to console me with food when I get that depressed and I am ashamed to admit, I caved. I was not in any good frame of mind. I did not have any meat products and kept it vegan, but I never should have eaten anything bad to begin with, I have spent the last few days so sick and dizzy, I ended up on the floor in the kitchen putting groceries away on Saturday because I was so dizzy, I also felt my pre-seizure symptoms coming on and my dog kept waking my up all Saturday night through Sunday morning to try and prevent an episode. My dog is not trained, but somehow she is so in tune with my seizures she gets excited and will get in my face and start to lick me and even pull my hair to get me up. I unfortunately did have a small seizure Sunday morning.

All heed my warning, it is not worth cheating on this. It will make you feel like crap, not just physically but emotionally and it is not worth it. I was feeling sorry for myself and instead of just pulling those big girl panties up and moving forward, I fell backwards. I will keep trying. That’s all any of us can do, keep trying. 

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  1. David Stern

    I haven’t broken, but I’ve sure gotten close. For me, what I’m missing most is a really good comfort food for rainy, tired days. Without adding any fat or salt, it’s tough to scratch that itch. The closest I’ve gotten is my ramen soups, but those aren’t quite the same.