It’s Not the Weather

By: David Stern | Posted: June 24, 2018

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Well, it’s absolutely pouring out today. Gray skies, muggy weather, water pouring from the heavens, raining on my sunny Sunday plans. With my recent habit of taking a healthy dose of Mood Swing Rx every time the weather turns sour, you’d have thought I’d be in a rough state today. It would seem that all the match up between my mood and the weather lately has either been entirely coincidental, or a correlative/causal relationship that no longer exists.

It’s been 13 days since I began now, and I’m still suffering from some withdrawal symptoms, it would seem, but I do think I see a light at the end of this tunnel. It has been fantastic, and truly debilitating, inspiring, and also depressing, sometimes all within the span of an hour. But I’m not looking for anecdotal evidence, I’m looking for trendlines. I’m not giving overdo credence to individual measurements or experiences, I’m looking for changes to the greater whole. I don’t want to be better for an hour, I want to be better overall. And overall, I’m still seeing progress in the right direction.

For those of you who don’t know – I’m a huge nerd. And I’m definitely the kind of person who finds motivation in numbers, charts, and spreadsheets that can highlight my progress. To that end, I take careful, numerous measurements every Sunday so I can track the way my body’s shape is changing over time. I started 13 days ago carrying nearly 53 lb. of fat, and today, I’m carrying 48 lb. of fat (that’s 5lb. of fat in under 2 weeks!). Considering how much I’ve been eating, and the guilt I feel when I stumble off the assigned path on occasion (because I decided to have an extra handful of walnuts, or I’m feeling so hungry that I forgo my intermittent fasting to make myself a smoothie), I feel incredibly proud of my progress.

The point is this. My feeling today is that I’m on the right track. Consistency is ultimately the thing that will take me to my goal, and that my biggest hurdle will be maintaining the mental fortitude to follow the Doctor’s orders. Everything I’ve been putting in my body has been a healing agent in my life, and it’s hard sometimes to forget that. It’s whole food. It’s incredibly clean – it came from the ground.

In fact, I’m feeling so good, I might be close to ready to start a new exercise regimen. We’ll see.

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