I’m Not A Morning Workout Person… Yet.

By: David Stern | Posted: August 7, 2018

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This morning at 6:00AM, I awoke with dread. My plan was to get my lazy butt out of my nice warm bed and put in a grueling workout, finish with an AMAZING green smoothie, grab my coffee, and go to work.

That was my plan. It was a good plan. A flawed plan. Let’s just say it didn’t go all go as planned.

First off – 6:00AM, though not as early as some rise, is earlier than I’m used to. But I did it. I got dressed in the dark, stumbled around the bathroom looking for the toothpaste, headed down to my basement gym and…. nothing. No energy at all. No willpower to move. I gave it a go. I did.

By the time I was back upstairs, I was dejected. I wanted to do this the right way, I wanted to get things done, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Am I simply not a morning workout person? Time to hit Google up for some answers.

People on the internet by and large seem to be in the same boat as me. Nobody wants to get up early. But surprise surprise, there are some things that they may be doing that I’m not. I’ve got a list of things I’m going to try next time (Thursday). So I will return to the gym, and my mind is set to crush these goals. My body craves the movement, and moreover, I know that exercise is the missing component in my regimen right now.

Any tips? I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to get better at waking up early to exercise.

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  1. Betsy L

    I fall in and out of this habit! When I am in, it sets the tone for the rest of my day. I have energy all day long, I feel accomplished and proud of myself! To be successful with it, I have to set out my workout clothes the night before and put them on before I leave the bedroom in the morning, (I have heard some people sleep in their workout clothes to help)! I do workout programs from my tablet, so I set that to my workout the night before as well.

      1. Betsy L

        There are some days I really do feel dead, lol! Most of the time though, I sleep much better and wake up feeling ready to start my day. If I workout at night, it takes me forever to fall asleep.

        1. David Stern Post author

          See, I’m the opposite in some ways. Exercising at night releases the stress of the day for me, and I can fall asleep pretty well afterward (I do need an hour afterwards to cool off though).

  2. CathyE

    I have to set my alarm for 5am every day so I have 2 hours to get done what I need to do before the kids get up. It really stinks, but I will say that if I get even one thing accomplished before I leave for the day I feel super energized and proud. I remember someone once telling me it takes 14 days for something to become a habit. Can you push through the dread for 2 weeks, just trusting the fact that getting up early to take care of your soul’s vessel will become normal soon? Wishing you restful sleep and energized mornings.