Doing Good

By: Steve Yaeger | Posted: July 7, 2018

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I’ve been doing good these first few weeks. Although I still miss meat and many other food items, I have been staying strong and keeping on track eating within the program requirements. Lindsey and I have been making other types of foods that I would not have touched with a ten foot pole before. Still with keeping an open mind, I’m trudging along. We made a tofu chili. It turned out quite spicy but otherwise not too bad. Last night we made a stir fry that was yummy. Although some of eating this way is sooo different than how I was, I’m enjoying seeing the pounds come off. Before this program, when I would come home and remove my belt from any pair of pants, they would stay up on me, snug but not tight. Yesterday I came home from work and took my belt out of them and they fell down to my hips. Yay!

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