By: David Stern | Posted: June 27, 2018

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I’ll tell you what. Watching the scale dip a little less each time I step onto it is super heartening, makes the whole process feel worth it. I’m noticing now that my gut hangs out a lot less, and I’m starting to watch my stomach deflate on a day by day basis. I’m very excited about that!

I have been thinking very seriously about restarting my lifting routine, but I’m really worried that my eczema will flare up again. As much progress as I seem to be making in the weight department, my eczema persists. Maybe I need to be even more careful? Maybe I’m inadvertently eating something that’s flaring me up? Or maybe it’s just a matter of waiting it out. Who knows.

All I know is that last night, for example, I was preparing for bed and then my skin started to crawl on my neck, and before I knew it, I was scratching like crazy. So that was fun.

Today, I’ve got scabs where I was scratching, and the skin is stiff. But still I can’t help but wonder whether I’d be fine working out. I want to try again, but I’m worried. I’m not sure I can afford a flare up right now. I need to be able to work. I need to be able to make rational food choices. But I can’t stand not moving.

Push comes to shove, I’ll probably start working out again, just because I’m so stir crazy.

Last night was the first meeting at Dr. Gutman’s office. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was actually really nice. Sitting down with other people who are eating the way I’m eating and commiserating with them, and hearing about their struggles and what it’s doing to them mentally was cathartic. It’s hard to expect someone who doesn’t understand what you’re going through to relate to you.

It’s almost like an addiction support group. I mean, they have these kinds of group counseling sessions for drug and alcohol addicts, why not food addicts? Giving up the conveniences of fast food and refined products is hard at first. Being able to chat with people who are experiencing those same pains and cravings, being racked by guilt every time they have a misstep, it really helps keep the efforts you’re giving in perspective.

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