A recent study published in the Journal of Health Economics showed that obesity now accounts for almost 21% of all U.S. health care costs, adding an average of $2,741 to an obese person’s medical costs each year. These costs are even higher than the medical costs of smoking, which increases costs by $1,275 per smoker, per year.

Chronic disease, of course, costs much more. Between doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, medications, laboratory tests, medical and surgical procedures, higher insurance premiums, lost work, lost abilities, and lost years, the costs of being sick are immeasurable.

You can't afford NOT to get healthy!

Unlike other weight loss programs, we won't surprise you with additional hidden costs for meal replacements, weight loss pills, or other gimmicksbecause we don't use them. Our patients understand the real value of our program - disease reversal, education, and empowerment.

We want everyone interested in our program to be able to afford to live life to the fullest, free of the disability and suffering that chronic disease and food addiction cause. That's why we are pleased to offer CareCredit financing for our patients. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card, and is accepted by over 175,000 healthcare providers nationwide. When you pay for our program using CareCredit, no interest is charged when you make the minimum monthly payments and pay your balance in full within 6 months.

Our comprehensive 4-month program includes:

  • Individualized real food weight-loss and disease reversal diet plans, prepared by Dr. Gutman for each patient, customized to each patient's medical conditions
  • 9 group classes with Dr. Gutman, held every 2 weeks
  • Private coaching with Dr. Gutman via private messaging
  • Weekly progress visits with our nurse
  • Medication reduction or elimination, when possible
  • Exercise routines
  • Online access to Dr. Gutman's complete "Healthy U" educational video curriculum
  • Lifetime access to our online collection of over 1,000 delicious recipes
  • Lifetime access to our online patient community support forums