Detox Your Life

Join our monthly workshop designed to help you achieve any of the following:

    • Overcome Food Addiction
    • End Emotional Eating
    • Improve Self-Esteem
    • Change Bad Habits
    • Enhance Relationships
    • Beat Depression or Anxiety
    • Reduce Stress

Trying to improve your diet when the rest of your world is falling apart isn't easy.

Even under the best circumstances, people often find it difficult to change established behaviors. Although we may intellectually recognize that improving our choices and changing our behavior will, ultimately, be in our own best interest, we often still resist change.

Motivational factors such as stress, temptation, addiction, and peer pressure often triumph over logic and reason, with toxic consequences.

Our emotional responses to everyday situations can ruin relationships, chip away at our self-esteem, deprive us of happiness, and undermine both our physical and our mental health.

In this ongoing monthly workshop, we will address these and other obstacles that life throws our way that serve to sabotage our efforts and prevent us from achieving our goals. We will introduce practical techniques to help us change our bad habits, overcome addictions, dissolve stress, deal with difficult people, and find happiness regardless of circumstance.

We will teach you how to empower yourself to regain control of your feelings, your environment, and your life.

Upcoming workshop schedule:


Tuesday, September 4

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Wednesday, September 5

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Registration in advance is required! To register, call us at (216) 328-8086.

Cost is $65 per session and includes a personal coaching session in our office.

Watch the introductory talk here: